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1 July 2013

In the year 1978, Sign-Mart opened its doors in a small store on a not so major street in the city of orange, in the County of Orange in Southern California. If this does not give you an idea of where we are located, let me offer you some familiar landmarks. Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, is only 15-minutes west from Sign-Mart’s Orange location. Famous Newport Beach is 20 minutes away, Los Angeles is 30 minutes north and San Diego is 45 minutes south. In other words, we are in the middle of everything. Within 1 hour plus or minus 30 minutes from Sign-Mart, you can be surfing, snow skiing, desert motorcycling or (now, if you have a passport) carousing in Tijuana. Until 1978 I had never been in the sign business, I had never had a brush in my hand nor was I able to layout anything except maybe in the sun. When we started up I was the sales staff and my partner, at the time, was a real life sign painter. He taught our only employee how to layout, design and brush paint banners. Luckily, Scott, our young employee, was not only very talented, but a very fast learner. Scott is now part owner of Sign-Mart and continues to amaze us with his diverse talents and skills. I have continued to handle sales, marketing and the financial aspects of Sign-Mart. Between the two of us and the great employees we have had and continue to have, Sign-Mart continues to advance and grow. Originally Sign-Mart opened as a retail sign shop. Our main product was hand painted vinyl banners and signs. Our sales counter was about 8 feet long and we had a small section in front of the counter displaying retail stock signs (pre-made) and flags. My intension was to present Sign-Mart, a retail sign shop, as a normal business rather than a “cottage type business”. I wanted our customers to feel comfortable with our products and pricing. Well, they did and by 1985 we had 10 sign painters on staff, sewed our own blank banners, began screen printing signs as well as banners and expanded the retail area of the shop. For more information visit our website:

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